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Premium polyester laces approx. 120cm or 145cm length and 8mm width.


Made for your New Balance sneakers or

to taste also for many other shoes.

The braided double layer shoelaces are suitable

perfect to give your shoe a little upgrade,

or to replace missing ones.

When it came to the structure, we made sure that it was as true to the original

to stay in order to achieve a perfect look for you.

Clear finish tips complement the neutral style.


We deliberately focused on the branding at the

Shoelaces are omitted so the subtle look is retained here as well.


Due to the very elastic material, they can also be used for many other shoes.

To be on the safe side, you should always

measure your old shoelaces before buying them.

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The shoe shown is only an example of our laces.

The manufacturer of the shoes in the example illustration

is not affiliated with us in any way.

The shoe in the picture is not included.

AllABOVE.nblaces -mocha- Flat shoelaces 8mm

VAT Included |